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We acquire and remodel homes in all Battle Creek neighborhoods and resell them to owner-occupants. Our objective is to bring families into our neighborhoods that will be engaged in their neighborhoods and be good neighbors.

Currently we have no listings but we are hard at work on more homes so check back soon!


Resources and Information

The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

Learn how to prepare yourself for the financial aspects of home buying


Did You Know House Fires are the #1 Disaster Threat to Homeowners!

Here is an article from State Farm Insurance on 5 Ways to Prevent a House Fire

Read the article here >


Home Improvement Tips and Videos

Southwest Michigan Community Development Corporation encourages home improvement projects that will keep your repair expenses to a minimum. Keeping your home repaired is important to your family's safety and quality of life; but also, the value of your property. We like the Lowe's home improvement project videos…take a look! If a home repair project is more than you can do yourself, use qualified contractors to perform the work for you.


 We are an associate member of the Battle Creek Area Association of REALTORS®.